2019-06-07 06:52Press release

Astro WMS® will run the new, automated PORTA KMI distribution centre.


After several months of reviewing the WMS market Porta KMI Poland decided to pick Consafe Logistics as the WMS provider for the new distribution centre in Nidzica. The company will implement not only the flagship Astro WMS® but also Astro WCS to control the warehouse automation. Consafe Logistics refer to this setup as a white box solution.

The new DC with automation and latest IT solutions should help to increase the competitive advantages and prepare the company for increasing volumes.

Construction of the DC is in its last phase and its already well visible from the expressway S7. Racks are already in place. Last week Siba, who is responsible for automation, started the installation of stacker cranes and conveyors. The DC will have total of 7 stack cranes together with transfer cars and manipulators to support the single door wings and frames picking process.

Investment in Nidzica is not only the greatest challenge in my career but also a big challenge for the whole organization. That is why picking the right partners was crucial for us. Taking into consideration planned volume flows and our performance expectations we know that besides automation and employee’s competences, the WMS will be very important. It will become the “brain” of the whole system. When picking the WMS our main criterion was cooperation on the highest level and experience in automation in all its aspects. After a year of meetings, reference visits and analyses Consafe Logistics has proved its very high competences in both warehousing and automation control – Krzysztof Ziemann, Head of Logistics at Porta KMI.

Handling of 4000 door wings and over 4000 frames daily plus an almost infinite amount of indexes (MTU) requires a perfectly planned process and has to be built on a solid and stable system core. This makes us even more proud that PORTA DRZWI trusted us and invited to join the project – Grzegorz Prorok, Sales Director at Consafe Logistics Poland.

As a part of the PORTA DRZWI investment Consafe Logistics will deliver next to flagship Astro WMS® also Astro WCS (Warehouse Control system).

Implementing a tested set of Astro WMS® and Astro WCS will give Porta full control and flexibility to control their warehouse automation. It will also make Porta independent of automation supplier. Giving a chance to freely add new components from different suppliers – adds Krzysztof Kalisz, Senior Business Consultant at Consafe Logistics Poland.

Besides automation as a part of a single system Astro WMS® will also have control over all manual processes and trolleys in the lower parts of the DC.

Go-Live is set for the beginning of 2020.  

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