2021-05-20 14:14Press release


In September 2020 Consafe Logistics opened operations in Finland, with Pekka Lehtinen as Managing Director. With a new office close to the market we can help existing and new Finnish customers future-proof their warehouses.

Pekka Lehtinen, Managing Director: “The Finnish logistics sector is facing new challenges and opportunities due to increasing digitalization, automation and rapidly changing global trends in transport and goods delivery. We see a great growth potential with many providers looking for smart warehousing solutions, and therefore this is an excellent time for us to make a push on the Finnish market”.



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About Consafe Logistics

Consafe Logistics is the leading European supplier of warehouse management solutions. We deliver reliable, flexible and smart solutions to create competitive advantages for our customers worldwide. With our extensive warehouse knowledge and through co-creation, we deliver sustainable solutions that fit every level of complexity and volume in the warehouse. Being technically curious and determined to create efficiency for our customers, we drive world-class software development to give you a competitive edge. We have been doing it since 1978. The Consafe Logistics Group consists of 400 employees and support our global clients from our subsidiaries in Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Holland, Poland and the UK. HQ is located in Lund, Sweden.


Hélène Rönnmark
Chief Marketing Officer
Hélène Rönnmark