2019-09-23 10:38Press release

Craft of Scandinavia partner with Consafe Logistics to secure their ambitious growth plans

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Craft of Scandinavia AB is a sportswear brand which focuses on comfort and performance, and as a brand it has been consistently growing. With this growth comes the need for improved working processes, particularly on the logistics side as Craft is sold by well-known retailers all over Europe. After an in-depth procurement process, Craft decided to use Consafe Logistics’ Astro WMS® for their warehouse management needs, and both businesses are looking forward to a productive partnership.

With ambitious growth plans, Craft of Scandinavia recognised that it has a need to adapt to the way it works to better cope with its ambitions for the future. As Craft expand, and look towards ecommerce as well as growing its existing sales streams, it became clear that their current warehouse management method was not as scalable as it needs to be.

“We have been looking at Astro WMS® and talking to Consafe Logistics for many years now,” says Mathias Sonninger, Supply Chain Director for Craft. “The reason we need a new WMS is due to the fact that we still use pen and paper today, and now that our brand is developing there’s more pressure on our logistics chain, so we need a WMS to be able to support with this, and to help facilitate growth.”

As Craft is also expanding into other business areas, this is set to put more pressure on the logistics set up, so making the change now is crucial. Craft is part of New Wave Group, which is made up of 56 companies, but for now this partnership is only for the Craft warehouse in Sweden, as the logistics strategy for the group is decentralized.

“Our central warehouse in Sweden supports the Nordics in our four different business areas,” adds Mathias, “and for a few years we have been supporting other European countries in our newest business area called ‘Club’. We’re investing a lot in this business area, where we are supplying teams and sports clubs with their clothing, and it’s growing really quickly. This is one of the reasons we need to move to a smart, digital warehouse management system like Astro WMS®, which will support us. We see that we can grow together with Consafe Logistics and with Astro WMS®.”

The move from pen and paper to a modern system is set to significantly improve the efficiency of the warehouse. Expectations are high, but both parties are confident that the KPIs and targets will be achieved with the help of Astro WMS®. With the current business areas, plus the face that ecommerce will be growing, the flexibility and efficiency of the Consafe Logistics solution will help maintain the high service levels, whilst dramatically improving the efficiency.

“Astro WMS® is really necessary at this point,” confirms Henrik Jansson, Warehouse Manager for Craft of Scandinavia. “It will save a lot of time and money for us, and will eliminate picking errors. It will also be able to do full inventory, without us having to close our warehouse for a week, which means it’s even better for our bottom line. Then there’s the box calculation functionality, which ensures the right goods get sent in the right size packaging, so we’re shipping less empty space. That’s better for us and for the environment.”

“Consafe can also help us with good ideas for our warehouse and for implementation,” concludes Mathias. “This is unique amongst WMS providers, and another big benefit of a partnership with Consafe Logistics. It’s the start of a long journey, and we feel very confident with the choice we have made.”

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