2019-09-26 13:31Press release

Europris future proofs with Astro WMS®

A red forklift driving in a warehouse of Europris

Since 2012, Europris has grown from 200 stores to over 260, and during the same period sales increased by 70 percent. Astro WMS® has been the Group's inventory management system throughout the expansive period, and is a clear first choice in the future plans.

- Efficient logistics has been a decisive factor for Europris growing to become the country's leading low-cost retail chain. Astro WMS® has always been optimized for our operations and our logistics, and therefore an important contribution to the success of Europris, says Pål Christian Andersen, Logistics Director at Europris.


The country's third largest logistics center
Six logistics divisions are now merged into one in Moss business park, in what will be the country's third largest warehouse. With high self-expertise and good experience with Astro WMS® the past seven years, there was never any doubt that Astro WMS® would also be the future warehouse management system for Europris.

The facility, which in Europris terminology is called e-log, was opened in the spring of 2019 and will be fully usable in 2020. An automated high storage with 60,000 pallet seats, shuttle with 40,000 locations, 200 working trucks and top modern solutions for everything from goods receipt to picking and dispatch will soon to be in use. Consafe Logistics has implemented the latest version of Astro WMS®, integrated with other logistics solutions and with "Astro approved" hardware such as truck PCs, scanners, voice-controlled picking technology (voice), printers, hand terminals and more.


Audun Evensen Drageset is responsible for system solutions for Europris. He particularly emphasizes the flexibility and opportunity to develop the system in line with the company's growth. That’s one of the things they value most with Astro WMS®.

- For several years, we have been building up a high level of expertise in Astro WMS® and consider ourselves to be very self-reliant. But in the same time we get the necessary support from Consafe's resources in Norway and Sweden when required. We are now in a process of major changes in the flow of goods, and greatly appreciate the flexibility of Astro WMS®. That’s how the system can be developed in line with the company and tailored to our logistics with the combination of shipping and trailer freight in and own carriers out to the stores. A Europris store always has around 8,000 items available, and we run campaigns every single week, where product availability is critical. We also find that Astro WMS® communicates well with our other systems, and we especially appreciate the reporting opportunities, says Audun Evensen Drageset, and shows how they display essential information on big screens in various locations in the center, and conduct board meetings with the staff.



One of the country's most famous brands
The Europris logo is one of Norway's most well-known trademarks, and most of us have at one time or another traded animal food, hygiene items, leisure equipment, seasonal products or something completely different in a Europris store. When Europris now consolidates its six logistics locations into one, it is precisely to strengthen competitiveness through more efficient flow of goods. The center will undoubtedly be one of the country's most modern logistics centers, even with the country's first "dry port", developed in collaboration with the port of Moss.
- We have suppliers in more than 30 countries, and about half of the goods arrive by ship to the port of Moss. The harbor has now been extended all the way to the logistics center, without us getting wet on our feet for that reason, says Audun Evensen Drageset pleased.


The collaboration with Consafe Logistics has been there since 2012, it’s undoubtedly a relationship where the parties know each other well. Logistics Director Christian Andersen does not hide the fact that they see the collaboration from a long-term perspective.

- Throughout these years we have got to know Astro WMS® as a system solution and Consafe Logistics as a partner. Both are good choices for an ambitious retail business like ours. When the technical solutions have reached the expectations of the strong growth over the past seven years, we feel confident that this is a good choice for future growth as well, where we will, among other things, implement our new e-commerce strategy. The Europris story still has many unwritten sheets, and we are delighted to have Astro WMS® and Consafe on our team, he says.


Europris is Norway's leading low-cost retail chain, with 260 stores and sales of NOK 4.2 billion in 2018. The first store was established in 1992, and today they have 260 stores across the country, in addition to ownership in Swedish ØoB and Finnish Tokmanni. The company was listed on the Oslo Stock Exchange in 2015 and has around 2600 employees in 2019. Europris is one of the country's most famous brands, and in 2017 they had more than 30 million customer transactions.

New central warehouse
Europris central warehouse in the Moss business park is the country's third largest warehouse building, opened in 2019 and will be fully operational during 2020. The area is 55,000 sqm with 45,000 sqm of manual low warehouse and 10,000 sqm (32 meters high) automatic height bearing with 65,000 pallet seats.



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