2019-10-08 07:10Press release

Flexible management methods for large WMS implementations

Aluprof warehouse outside

Aluprof S.A, part of the Grupa Kęty S.A, will further develop its partnership with Europe's leading WMS supplier Consafe Logistics. By having Aluprof Opole implement Astro WMS®, it will join Aluprof Bielsko-Biała which has been using the Astro WMS® system since 2014. The project will be carried out in three stages, and its final stage is scheduled for implementation in the beginning of 2020.

The plant in Opole specializes in manufacturing aluminum blinds, garage doors, industrial doors, mosquito nets, textile blinds, as well as a variety of other aluminum products. It’s on the verge of major change, with plans to streamline operations which will help optimize the business and its profitability.

One major change that Astro WMS® is helping to facilitate is making the switch from paper picking lists to working digitally. After running thorough tests, it’s estimated that this change will save a total of 7-8 working hours per day.

By implementing Astro WMS®, Aluprof will also streamline the current way of inbound and outbound storage unit cage handling, which has been a big challenge so far.

This is because almost 95% of total production are goods which are stored in steel cage storage units, meaning that there can be a total of over 7 thousand cages that circulate within the warehouse at any one time, and these cages are also shipped together with the goods to their customers. The Astro WMS® System will give the warehouse full control and traceability over these storage units by giving each storage unit a unique ID.

“By implementing this functionality in conjunction with tracking all deliveries to customers, we count on improving the cage lifecycle. This means we make savings as we have to buy new cages less often,” – says Arkadiusz Zawadziński, project manager in Aluprof S.A. in Opole.

Slotting is responsible for the process of analyzing and automatically optimizing placement of the storage unit in the warehouse, and this built-in functionality that the system provides will reduce workload and improve performance. Another function that Aluprof will use is the Performance Manager Tool, which helps warehouse managers make quick decisions about performance management based on information that is transmitted to the system in Real-time. Examples include workload optimization or calculation of the average speed of the tasks in each process.

The method of implementing the Astro WMS® system is also tailored to Aluprof’s needs. Rather than implement the entire system at one, it’s being done in three stages, which helps the employees become familiar with the system, whilst ensuring everything remains on schedule. The scope of the Astro WMS® implementation is very extensive and requires a lot of work and time spent on analyzing and configuring processes, so the traditional approach to project management would not have worked.

“Because the system will be delivered to the customer in three stages, this allows Consafe Logistics to concentrate on the most important and difficult areas first, in order to minimize the risk of failure during implementation” – explains Michał Chechłacz, Project Manager at Consafe Logistics.

In addition, this type of approach creates opportunities for employee involvement already in the initial implementation phase. Together with Aluprof, Consafe Logistics plans a wide-ranging communication campaign aimed towards employees, such as placing a demo station with Astro WMS® available to everyone – so that anyone can get acquainted with the system performance step-by-step.

The first implementation phase was completed in September 2019, and the second stage of implementation is ongoing.

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