2019-10-07 10:55Press release

Kvik kitchen has implemented a new WMS

Kvik warehouse

Kvik kitchens have now implemented a new warehouse management system, developed and supplied by Consafe Logistics, a leading supplier of warehouse management systems.

Kvik is a Danish manufacturer of kitchens, wardrobes and bathroom equipment. For more than 30 years they have delivered Danish design at surprisingly low prices, and today Kvik sells products in stores across Europe as well as in Asia.

Consafe Logistics and Kvik have entered into this collaboration of value-creating partnership to ensure optimization of processes and workflows at Kvik's warehouse.
This improves internal logistics and future-proofing of operations.

Kvik has implemented a standard Astro WMS® solution, which is prepared for integration with Navision (ERP) and includes back-flushing functionality for production.
Hardware has also been purchased from Consafe Logistics. The new system has made it easier for users, to carry out their duties in the warehouse. Less time is spent on planning and faster picking of goods can be made.

“Picking is doing really well, it has become faster, easier and more flexible. We have already achieved an optimization, efficiency has now increased by 13-14%, and there is still great potential. ” - Søren Thomsen, Warehouse Manager at Kvik

As the system prioritizes and organizes the orders, fewer decisions are made where there were more preparations in the past before executing the pick.
It is quick to start with new employees, since the system is easy to operate and it is also possible to be multiple pickers on the same order. All of this helps ensure optimization of the order flow.

A major advantage for Kvik has also been that the investment in the new WMS has resulted in lower costs for the project than it would updating the existing system.
Also, it is a positive factor that there is less costs involved in maintaining a system based on standard software.

Astro WMS® ensures a high degree of traceability and security of delivery, which increases the level of service and customer satisfaction.
At the same time, Astro WMS® can help lower business costs and increase profitability, thus helping Consafe Logistics improve the company's competitiveness.

The project proceeded according to plan and the successful go-live of Astro WMS® at Kvik in Denmark took place on the agreed day on 18 March 2019.

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