2018-05-08 09:41Press release

Mikael Sjöberg brings warehouse operations and automation expertise to Consafe Logistics

Mikael SjöbergMikael Sjöberg Division Manager Consafe Logistics

Technology is revolutionising the logistics industry. That’s why we are excited to welcome new Division Manager Mikael Sjöberg, with his IT and automation expertise as both a consultant and user of Astro WMS®.

Mikael has worked in logistics for over a decade and brings long experience in IT and automation. With Mikael on board, we will continue developing more efficient, more powerful Warehouse Management Systems.

Technological advancements are revolutionizing the logistics industry,” Mikael says. “Open APIs and easier, more seamless upgrades create greater competitive advantages for our customers. Continuously improving the standard functionality of Warehouse Management Systems like Astro WMS® will create leaner processes for medium-sized manual warehouses to larger automated warehouses.

Mikael has spent the last five years working in the food industry with experience of managing and optimizing warehouses. He has first-hand experience of the power of Astro WMS®. Now, Mikael’s bringing that customer insight as the new Division Manager.

When I was using Astro WMS®, I saw how much standard functionality the product contains and how many warehouse processes it supports,” explains Mikael. “I hope that my experience as both a customer and a supplier can bring more satisfaction to customers and show even more of what Consafe Logistics and Astro WMS® can do for them.

About Consafe Logistics

Consafe Logistics is the leading European supplier of warehouse management solutions. We deliver reliable, flexible and smart solutions to create competitive advantages for our customers worldwide. With our extensive warehouse knowledge and through co-creation, we deliver sustainable solutions that fit every level of complexity and volume in the warehouse. Being technically curious and determined to create efficiency for our customers, we drive world-class software development to give you a competitive edge. We have been doing it since 1978. The Consafe Logistics Group consists of 400 employees and support our global clients from our subsidiaries in Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Holland, Poland and the UK. HQ is located in Lund, Sweden.