2019-10-17 07:15Press release

New chapter for Isiflo on Raufoss


Isiflo at Raufoss is growing with its market-leading water and gas pipeline products. The company's new warehouse and WMS system is central to the offensive effort.

Industrial history at Raufoss
The history of the industry at Raufoss extends far back, in fact, to the end of the 19th century, and companies such as Raufoss Ammunition, Raufoss Automotive and Raufoss Water & Gas have made their mark on both the local community here and on Norwegian industrial history. Raufoss industrial park does not rest on old success, here we find close cooperation between the various technology environments in the area, and many of them carry on the legacy of previous industrial adventure. Isiflo AS, formerly Raufoss Water & Gas, is undoubtedly one of them, and when they open their new warehouse in November 2019, a new chapter is written for the company's market-leading pipe products.

High expectations
Lars Ølstad heads the Raufoss company with annual turnover of approximately NOK 280 million. In-house brass products in brass and composite materials have made the company the market leader in Europe, as well as distributing trade products within the same market from its Dutch owner group Aalberts. Isiflo's boss has no doubt that heavy investments in the inventory side will pay off over time.

- The investments are now absolutely necessary to satisfy the future requirements for efficiency and quality in deliveries. We have made the list high, and in choosing the WMS system we emphasized, among other things, that Consafe Logistics is a Norwegian company that can play an active collaborative role throughout the project. Nor was it unimportant that Astro WMS® is used by our two largest customers, Brødrene Dahl and Ahlsell. Our expectations are that the WMS system will help create better interaction with the market, strengthen our customer relationships and lead to concrete savings. If the experience becomes as we believe, it is likely that we will make similar investments with our German and French subsidiaries, Lars Ølstad says.

High degree of automation
Trond Brønstad is responsible for QA and HSE at the Raufoss company, but admits that the project responsibility for a new warehouse and WMS system has taken up much of the working time in the last couple of years. - Large projects are always resource-intensive, and so many have been here. That is why we are really looking forward to the project being fully launched in November, Brønstad says while showing around the large production hall. Industrial robots have already been involved in the work team for decades, and the company has made major investments in automated production solutions that ensure almost 24-hour continuous production. Now the company's warehouse is being gathered under one roof, so that internal transport can be reduced to a minimum, the three modern warehouses will be continued in use, while the new warehouse will both provide more efficient goods flow and create a foundation for revenue growth.

Self-developed innovation
Product development is central to Isiflo's business, where 4 percent of sales are reinvested in research and development. The engineers at the technology center work closely with the SINTEF center at Raufoss, and both in-house composite materials and innovative products have received a lot of attention in the industry.

- Innovation, quality and delivery have contributed to the position of European market leader, a position we will strengthen and expand when we coordinate administration and logistics in the same building here in the industrial park. With Astro WMS, we raise inventory management to a whole new level, with better control and control, and more efficient product flow, for example with automated functions such as inventory counting and product placement arranged by picking frequency. We also expect fewer picking errors when goods are picked according to order information at the truck terminal rather than today's paper-based picking lists. There was simply no way out of a solid upgrade on the warehouse side, and we feel confident that we have made good choices of both solutions and partners for the future, summarizes Trond Brønstad.

Facts about Isiflo
• Owned by Aalberts Industries NV, listed on the Amsterdam Stock Exchange.
• Headquartered in Raufoss industrial park, 63 employees, production units in Norway and Sweden, represented in 21 countries.
• Full range of couplings and pipe products for water and gas distribution, manufactured in brass and composite materials.
• Certified production according to ISO 14001 and ISO 9001: 2000
• Raufoss Water & Gas changed its name to Isiflo AS in 2017, the Isiflo brand has existed since the 1960s.
• Establishes new warehouse with 3500 pallet seats at Raufoss in 2019, and with Astro WMS as warehouse management system.
• Own department, which is a working venture company in collaboration with Nav.

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