2020-04-28 13:35Press release

Riedel live with new WMS in less than 12 weeks

In April, the fruity beverage producer Riedel, based in Ede, implemented the new Astro WMS® from Consafe Logistics. The WMS improves efficiency, but more importantly for Riedel it improves control over the stock, which in part consists of fruity beverages with a limited shelf life.

Bas Nas, Project Manager at Riedel, says: “The most important advantage of Astro WMS® is that the standard solution is rich in features and extensive in functionality, so that in our case little extra customization was required. As a result, implementation is fast and efficient. We started in January and are already 'live' in mid-April. All this time we have continued to produce our fruity beverages without any delays.”

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