2019-11-25 13:56Press release

The Absolut Company chooses Consafe Logistics as its partner for WMS and WCS systems in creating the warehouse operation of the future

The Absolut CompanyThe Absolut Company

The Absolut Company (TAC) is a global spirits company which has been offering a range of products to restaurants, bars and stores all over the world for more than a century. As business continues to grow, TAC needs to modify its warehouse operation in order to adapt to the demands of the future. After an in-depth analysis, TAC opted for service and Astro WMS® solutions from Consafe Logistics.

TAC’s warehouse operation is based in Åhus, Sweden, and from here they handle every single bottle ordered, shipping to every corner of the world. Harri Tossavainen, Warehouse Manager for The Absolut Company, explains more about what they must think about when it comes to the capability of their warehouse.

“We’re looking more and more towards the future and expect volumes to grow, complexity to increase and a higher focus on sustainable solutions. For us to be able to keep up with order volumes, we have had to implement more automation over the years, and it has come to the point now where it makes sense to change our existing WMS to something more future-proof.”

After extensive research, TAC decided that the best way to prepare for future demands was to continue their relationship with Consafe Logistics but use the most state-of-the-art options available – Astro WMS® and WCS.

“We chose the Consafe Logistics solution because of the technical capabilities offered and our relationship” explains Harri. “When looking at our options, we concluded that Consafe Logistics had the best of breed solution for us, with Astro WMS® and Astro WCS."

By opting for both WMS and WCS, TAC can be confident that both manual and automated processes can be seamlessly integrated when needed, with the same set up and logic across both solutions offering real benefits in terms of increased efficiency.

“With Astro WMS®, we could see that it’s an intuitive, intelligent solution for warehouse management. We were using SattStore previously, which was capable of handling most of our current needs, but we needed to do a few things manually. Astro WMS® streamlines that, and as we already know Consafe Logistics, we’ll be up and running quickly."

“From there, Astro WCS was an easy decision. Automation is crucial to our business, as there are 13 of us working here and we are responsible for shipping more than 130 million bottles every year. The more we can automate, the better! This software system integrates really well, and it also prepares us for whatever the future may hold.”

The system is setup according to a whitebox concept, which means that the WMS provides information on pick, pack and prioritizations since this logic resides in the WMS. Giving the Astro WMS® full flexibility to prioritize and full visibility what is happening in the automation.

In addition to Astro WMS® and WCS, TAC also opted for the Yard Management System (YMS), an add-on module which offers a full overview of all vehicle movements and locations, as well as insights around space availability.

“I’m not worried about integration of anything”, Harri concludes, “we have been working with Consafe Logistics for more than 20 years already and I’m excited to continue the journey. With these solutions, we can meet our demands today, and we are fully prepared for the years to come”.

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