2019-09-18 09:26Press release

Udea choose Consafe Logistics as their partner for future-proof warehouse management solutions

Udea pr astro WMS

Warehouse management specialists Consafe Logistics announced that the organic wholesaler Udea (Ekoplaza) is implementing the Astro WMS® warehouse management software. Consafe Logstics software is being introduced in phases to prepare all employees for the consolidation of three different warehouses into the new omni-channel distribution center in Veghel, the Netherlands. Phase 1 involves the implementation of Astro WMS®, and this will be followed by phase 2, which is the implementation of the Warehouse Control System, Astro WCS. Together, these will enable improved optimization and automation of the warehouse processes.

Udea currently uses multiple warehouses to handle and store all groceries including dairy, fruit & veg and frozen products, but recognize that there were gains to be made through consolidation. "We are investing in a new omni-channel warehouse to facilitate future growth, as well to further increase the efficiency, delivery reliability and experience for our customers and stores," says Erik-Jan van den Brink, commercial director of Udea. "By letting our employees become familiar with the Consafe Logistics WMS software this year, we are gradually preparing them for the changes to come, and this allows us to scale up our capacity in manageable phases.”

Phase one will focus on implementing Astro WMS® into the existing warehouses, to help increase efficiency as well as ensuring employees are familiar with the system before the new, omni-channel warehouse is completed.

The new omni-channel distribution center that Udea is building will include multiple temperature zones and extensive mechanization and automation. Consafe Logistics, in partnership with Vanderlande, will facilitate the automation of a majority of the warehouse processes through Consafe Logstics Astro WCS. 

The new distribution center is the focal point of phase two and will be equipped with a goods-to-man ADAPTO system with a capacity of approximately 100,000 crate positions, controlled by the Astro WMS® and Astro WCS.

The most important impact of the partnership offers Udea the opportunity for further growth, and they have ambitious growth plans. “To be able to handle demands, they need a certain level of IT with scope for expansion,” says Martin Monster, Senior Project Manager for Consafe Logistics. “Consafe Logistics allows them to handle even more orders with less staff, as well as offering better control over the whole operation, and will ultimately provide a better service to customers with quicker send outs and delivery.”

In the future, Udea wants to grow the ecommerce side of the business. They have a clear view of how ecommerce will develop, and Consafe Logistics helps with the preparation for that future. Martin concludes, “Consafe Logstics, and our Astro WMS®, is the heart of their IT system, and these ambitious growth and implementation plans will offer better margins for Udea, and an improved customer experience.”

About Consafe Logistics

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