2020-11-16 10:27Press release


Udea new automated distribution center uses Astro WMS to increase picking effiencyThe automated omni-channel distribution center of Udea with the integrated solution of Astro WMS®

Earlier this year, Udea merged its warehouses for fresh, dry, and frozen products into one omni-channel distribution center (DC). And now the next step has been realized; automating and mechanizing all processes. The innovative omni-channel distribution center includes the Vanderlande ADAPTO shuttle system with 100,000 locations, transport tracks, shuttles, 8 ergonomic repacking and replenishment stations, 12 picking stations, and 3 temperature zones. To reach optimized efficieny the Astro WMS® is therefore integrated with the ADAPTO "goods to man" system.

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Hélène Rönnmark
Chief Marketing Officer
Hélène Rönnmark